We are grateful that God has blessed LifePointe with a people that are faithful in the area of tithes and offerings, and know that the ministry we are able to do here and around the world would NOT be possible without their faithfulness.

We’ve tried to make it really easy, and convenient for you to give online. So, the next time your sitting at your desk and God drops it in your heart to give to the ministry of LifePointe, you can act now through our safe and secure online giving Web site.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations to LifePointe are tax deductible. We send out year-end statements of giving, and you can also view your giving history online though our secure giving Web site.

As good stewards of the finances God has blessed us with, we manage and allocate our finances responsibly and transparently. At the beginning of each year, LifePointe publishes a financial report detailing our income and how we are effectively allocating our finances to advance our mission of serving others and developing lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

If you have any questions about giving, please contact us using the information or the form at the bottom of this page.


Is it secure?

Yes. We’ve taken every precautionary measure to ensure your giving data, and credit card/check information is secured using the latest internet security protocols.

Can I save my information?

Yes, you can. In previous years we were unable to offer this feature, but now we’re excited that we can now. Once you’ve created your account, you are able to save your credit/debit, or check information to make it even more convenient and easy to give again in the future.

Can I use my debit card?

Yes, you can. We know some people may not like to give tithes and offerings using a credit card, so we’ve made it really easy for you to use your debit card as well.

Can I give using my checking account?

Yes, you can. We’ve made it easy for you to give using your checking account. Simply pull out one of your checks and you’ll have all the information necessary for connecting your online giving account to your checking account. Once set up, your account will remember your information for the next time you want to give.

Can I set up recurring giving?

Yes, you can. You can schedule your giving to go out at a schedule that you determine when setting up your recurring gift. These can be weekly gifts, daily, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, yearly, etc. You can even select the day of the week.

Can I see my giving history?

Yes, you can. Once you’re logged into your account you’ll be able to see your giving history for the past two consecutive years. You can also download a giving statement at any point throughout the year.

Can I specify where my giving goes?

You can choose from a list of pre-determined funds to give toward. For example, you can choose to give to “Regular Tithes and Offerings,” “Missions,” etc. If you are trying to give online to a fund that you do not see listed, for example “Youth Camp,” please contact the church office and we will act ASAP to get it listed for you so you can give online to that category.