What People Are Saying

I have never felt so at home in a church as I have in the past year at LifePointe. Everyone I have met has been so kind and loving towards me. I can't wait 'til Sunday to hear what Pastor Cecil will speak about next. Every sermon has found a special place in my heart to touch. Thank You LifePointe for making me feel soooo WELCOMED!!!!
Lisa H.
LifePointe is a church that makes you excited to go to church on Sunday! Pastors Cecil and Derrick are super awesome and their message always gets me geared up for the upcoming week.... Highly, highly recommend this church! Great and friendly congregation, too! Just all round awesome, awesome church!
Amy C.
Awesome fellowship, spirit led praise and worship, Bible centered teaching. Pastors who lead with love and a spirit of compassion.
Diane D.
LifePointe Fellowship Church is a very friendly family-oriented church. As soon as I walked in the doors I knew I had found my home church!! LOVE MY CHURCH!
Mary M.
Love the church, the people, the message and the prayers. Feels like family, relaxed and very welcoming.
Deola J.

Plan Your Visit

We look forward to meeting you this Sunday!

Maybe you are just starting to explore faith and have lots of questions or doubts… We would be honored to be part of your journey.

Or, maybe you’ve been a Christian for a long time… We believe that God places us in local churches as He sees fit. We’d love for you to join us if this is where God is leading you.

Whatever your background or situation, you are welcome at LifePointe! To make your visit as easy as possible, in the content below, we’ll try to walk you through a typical Sunday so you know what to expect when you visit. If you have any questions or need special assistance, please contact us using the form at the bottom.

What to Wear

We are not very particular on attire. After all, God is much more concerned with the heart than with outward appearances (1 Samuel 16:7). So you’ll find a range of attire on a Sunday morning at LifePointe.

These photos show some typical clothing worn on Sunday mornings. (Don’t worry… We don’t call new visitors up onto the stage! These photos were taken during baby dedications, but they nicely show what many people wear on Sunday mornings.)

Arrival & Parking

We recommend arriving about 10-15 minutes early, so you can check-in your children (if applicable), visit the Info Booth for a free gift, and enjoy free coffee and donuts before Sunday morning worship begins.

We have two parking lots, both of which are accessible from Yost Blvd. Feel free to park in either lot.

After parking, enter the Main Building through either the Main Entrance (in the front) or the Alternate Entrance (on the side). At either door, one or two greeters will give you a friendly welcome and hand you a bulletin containing announcements and sermon notes.

Kids Check-In

If you have children, proceed to the LP Kids Check-in station. This is located to the left of the Info Booth in the main hallway. If you don’t see it, feel free to ask one of the greeters at the door, and they will happily walk you over.

At the Kids Check-in, someone will meet you and ask for the name and date of birth of each of your children. Then they will print a sticker to place on your child’s back, which will identify them. You will also receive a sticker that matches your child’s. You’ll show your sticker after service to pickup your kids.

We take the safety of your children very seriously. All volunteers and staff working with your children have gone through training and a background check, and we have security cameras throughout the church.

Info Booth

Either before or after service, be sure to stop by the Info Booth in the main hallway. Here, you will meet someone who can answer questions and give you more information about LifePointe. You will also get a free gift for being a first-time guest at LifePointe!

The Info Booth is also where you can sign up for FirstLook, which is an opportunity for people new to LifePointe to meet some of our staff and learn more about who we are.

Coffee & Donuts

Before service starts, enjoy free coffee and donuts in our Café. You’re also sure to meet more friendly people in the Café!

The Café is located just outside the Main Auditorium, and there is a TV nearby showing a five-minute countdown before service starts so you won’t miss anything.

Head into the Main Auditorium to sit down whenever you are ready.

Worship Service

Our worship services typically last 1 hour and 15 minutes, and consist of about 25 minutes of worship music and prayer, a brief time for announcements and the offering, about 35 minutes for a Bible-based sermon, and then a brief time for closing.

After the music at the beginning, be sure to fill out a Communication Card and put it either in the offering bucket or in one of the black boxes by the door before you leave. This allows you to share prayer needs with us and request more information, and it allows us to check back with you sometime in the next several days to see if you have any further questions about LifePointe.

End of the Service

After service ends, feel free to head back out to the Info Booth if you didn’t get a chance to visit earlier or if you have more questions or need to sign-up for anything.

If you have children, go pick them up using the sticker you were given at check-in.

Before heading out to lunch or going home, feel free to stick around and chat for a bit longer, if you want. You’re sure to meet friendly and interesting people, and we’d love to meet you!

Any Other Questions?

If you still have any questions, use the form below to contact us. Otherwise, see you Sunday!